You know how we were always forced to introduce ourselves at the beginning of each year at school? Especially in languages. I hated this with all the cells in my body.

But I guess it’s this time again. At least so I can explain why you should give a damn about my tips and pieces of advice. Because who am I, anyways ? On the internet, anyone can sound legit without it being true, and legit people can look like real crooks.

My story with languages (and my mother tongue which is as important)

I’ll try to keep it short !

I’ve always loved reading. In fact, I learned how to read a year before the kids of my school (my older sister had these reading textbooks and I played around with them while she was doing homework). From the moment I could read, I never stopped.

I always loved words and stories.

When I was about eight, my family moved to south america and we lived there for 3 years.

So I had to learn spanish, not because I wanted to, but because I was living in spanish speaking countries.

Then I got back to France.

In french high school, you can choose your « speciality ». Either science, economy, or litterature. Me being me, I picked litterature and languages. It was my thing.

It means that my A levels focused on french, french litterature, philosophy, english, english litterature, spanish and german.

Then came university and I studied…. surprise… languages. English and Japanese.

I spent 1 year in England, and I just got back from one year in Japan.

Bear in mind that this is only my academical history. I’m not mentioning all the things I learned and did by myself (lots of creative writing, studying other languages on my own, and translating songs, professional translation, teaching, just to name a few).


Why I started this blog

So why am I telling you all this ? My purpose is not to brag, trust me, even though it might look like it.

After years of trials and errors, I noticed how most of the tips and pieces of advice you see on the internet concerning languages are always the same. I’m not saying they don’t work, because to some extent they do. But I never see the tips that actually make you go past the « quite good ». They don’t help you take the one step that you need to become fluent.

I feel like, they don’t go deep enough. They don’t explain why. They don’t tell you how.

Sometimes, I see translations (songs, subtitles…) on the internet that make my soul bleed.

Because I can see that the people who made these translation have a very correct level, but it is also very clear that they miss that one step towards fluency. It feels like they almost got it, but somehow, something is missing. So I thought to myself « hey, instead of cringing, just be part of the change ».

Of course time is key and everyone works differently. But I know that I now have the experience and knowledge to help people who really want to improve in their target language.

If you are one of these people, I’d be happy to see you come back so we can learn together 🙂



That’s me I guess

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